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To have natural talent at sniping on Xbox games, Particularly HALO 3 and COD4.
Short attention span and low tolerance to being beaten. Can't seem to be able to accept that people are better than a stooperstar.
Extremely talkative about many random subjects, which can be totally irrelevant to the conversation at hand.
According to some folk is also Jewish but is really agnostic.
Extremely indecisive, short tempered, doesn't listen BUT knows best. "apparently".
While playing Custom snipes....
Rayfield75:"who is this MF who keeps no scoping me?"
SMITHYaus: "It's a Stooperstar"
Rayfield75:"Still I'm beating him"
Stooperstar: "You stupid MF die, die! oh and chicken chippeess taste great!"
Stooperstar:"I'm bored of this, lets go play ninjaball"
SMITHYaus: "we've only been playing this five minutes, GOD!"

In a random conversation.....
rayfield75:"so hows about that footy last night ey?"
SMITHYaus: "Shutup they cheated"
Chuckles: "they so didn't"
SMITHYaus: "They should've lost"
J: "Scientology is the new catholic church"
Rayfield75: "Melbourne are the best!"
SMITHYaus: "pfft as if"
J: "Well aren't you going to join Scientology, I'm not though"
Rayfield75: "J, you're such a Stooperstar"
by IEXORCIST October 05, 2009
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