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The word used to describe the miraculous feeling that occurs when someone has used marijuana and ingested caffeine (any form). Chemical balance of THC and Caffeine merge in the body, creating a euphoric energized and restless body-high mixed with a head-high. Can be used to counter-act the demotivating properties that some marijuana stains cause (specifically Indica or Indica dominate hybrid stains). Can also be used to amplify the energetic properties of Sativa stains of marijuana.
"I have so much Stonergy from smoking that joint and drinking a Red Bull. Lets go do something, anything..everything!"
by KTizzle42 May 02, 2013
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Stonergy is the energy shared between two stoners solely due to the fact that they have both smoked weed. This invisible bond allows for the almost instant recognition of other stoners and is why two people often become friends after they blaze with each other. It also allows for an uncanny comprehension of life and art that leads to stoners often sharing similar tastes in music and movies.
After smoking a spliff, the young man felt the stonergy flow through him.
by King Of Hearts P.O.T April 11, 2009
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