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1. When the smoker has been sitting while smoking and has accidentaly tipped ash upon their jeans. It is most prominent among cannabis smokers, hence the phrase "Stoner's Lap".

2. When one has been rolling or preparing cannabis smoking joints/devices and has spilled cannabis and tobbaco on their lap and have not brushed it off. Can also apply to cooking.
Smoker 1: Hey man what's up?

Smoker 2: Not much dude, just smoking a J and it's giving me hardcore stoner's lap.

Smoker 1: Aw man brush that crap off.

Smoker 2: No man, black jeans, it'll make it worse.

Smoker 1: Damn dude. I'm too stoned.
by JollySmoker July 26, 2010
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One who is high and has everything they carry with them on their lap and do not remember how it got there. Coming to realization, that everything is piled on their lap.
Guy 1: "dude why do I have so much shit on my lap?"
Guy 2: "dude, you have stoner's lap!"
by rayemy June 21, 2009
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