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1. verb (used with object): to Stolzel
To get incredibly excited about a particular activity, sport, or musical instrument, then purchase all the equipment possible associated with the respective activity, without actually yet having acquired any skill in it (The equipment usually being high-priced and unnecessary). The activity is abandoned within a period of 1 to 6 months without any actual skills having been learned.

2. verb (used with object): to Stolzel
To use un-do guilt as to persuade an individual into thinking the situation is somehow their fault, or feeling bad to the point of conceding defeat. Also, to SAS.
1. Rick totally Stolzeled that whole skateboarding thing. He took it up for about 2 months, but bought the most expensive wrist pads and knee guards he could find. He also purchased many shirts to the effect of, "Skateboarding isn't a crime" and proceeded to wear them whenever skateboarding.

2. Janie was Don's friend for so long, and kept hanging out with him even after he kept telling her how horrible a person she was. He's totally Stolzeling her to keep her around.
by LauraS August 10, 2007
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