A slang term used for giving a handjob while wearing Bugles corn snacks on your fingers (also known as "witches hands"). The act is continued until completion.
Amy: "Did you hear about what Kelly did to her new boyfriend?"
Janice: "No, what happened?"
Amy: "They were in his basement the other night and Kelly was stirring the cauldron"
by droolyface December 15, 2021
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a sexual act performed around halloween. Both individuals put on witches hats and begin having intercourse. The Penetrator must start over his partner, dick down into her "cauldron" and jirate in a stirring motion to create a love potion.
So there we were, stirring the cauldron to stop it from boiling over on the bed, waiting for a little trick or treat...
by Happy_Flasher October 2, 2020
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