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a period of intoxication where:

a.) You're not so drunk that you've passed out, but drank enough that your not really awake either.

b.) You're not so drunk that you've lost all control of your bodily functions and fluids... yet drunk enough that you do not remain in FULL control either... slippage and or spritzing / dripping may have occured without your knowlege.

c.) Your sober enough to have not fallen down and passed out yet, but way too drunk to actually stand upright, walk, or run.. you find yourself in a constant state of movement where as your head; lead by your upper torso sways forward, back, left and right.... your feet always moving to try and stay below your body.

d.) Do you remember a few beers ago when you went to the restroom and had trouble relieving yourself? Do you remember during your last beer you had to go again but couldn't be bothered to actually go the restroom and fumble around with zippers and buttons? Do you notice a warm or wet sensation in the back of your pants or pant leg? If yes... your now exactly one half of sinky-wobbly
- My friend and I went to the bar last night, he got sh*t faced and silly, I got stinky-wobbly, we both drank a lot!

by AffinityX April 25, 2006
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