A term used to describe "dirty" money. That is, money that was gained illegaly
"Yo ma, I got a pocketful of stinkys, lets go spend these RIGHT QUICK"
by TokuZetsu December 28, 2006
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Stinky can be used as an endearment for a boyfriend/girlfriend. I also use it on friends, for a random, funny touch. If you know me, you'll know that I use 'stinky' like 'friend', 'buddy', etc.
Ex. 1: I love you loads, stinky.

Ex. 2: HEY! What-up, stinky!?

Ex. 3: Heyyyy stinky!
by beepbeepbeeeeeeeeeeeeep August 16, 2006
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A word used to ask a baby or toddler if they have had a bowel movement. Toddlers often use this word to let parents know it is time to change a diaper or go to a potty.
Emma, Did you stinky? Mommy, I stinky.
by psychojo January 14, 2007
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some random thing said when some one rips ass or said out loud for no reason
I made a STINKY! just now and its really STINKY!
by dree July 22, 2004
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A very hot girl, hence the stink from her lady regions.
Stinky dead ahead. Check out the ass on her.
by Marcus Bunny May 12, 2010
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