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A game of ping pong where after every point that is scored, the scorer hits a ping pong ball as hard as they can at thier opponent's exposed chest or stomach. Well placed balls land on sensitive areas such as the nipples and may leave red or brown circles for a few days. A great way to get some use out of your old ping pong table, flex your masculinity or settle disputes!
ANDREW: Dude, New Hope was a gazillion times better than Empire Strikes Back.

ALEX: NO WAY! Empire Strikes Back offered the best acting, writing and special effects in the trilogy.

ANDREW: I will respectfully disagree, and I challenge you to a match of sting pong to settle this like men, nay, jedi.
by Gnyqu November 07, 2006
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Stingpong is played with two people on a Ping pong table. You play ping pong regularly, but every time your opponet scores, they get to hit the ball at you with their paddle. In order for them to hit you, you must turn around and lift up your shirt so they could hit you right in the back. First person to quite from the pain loses.
George- "Eric turn around I just got a point."
Eric- "No bro."
George- "Yes, you have to, remember we're playing stingpong."
Eric- "Fine, but don't hit me that hard."
George- "Can't promise you anything."
(George hits Eric on the back with the ball using paddle)
(Eric groans in pain)
by F_money07 October 22, 2013
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The art of playing ping pong but there's a catch. You play regular ping pong rules except if a person scores to straight points the other lifts their shirt over thier face and the other tries to smack the ping pong ball as hard as they can at the others chest. this game is also commonly refered to as Texas ping pong

I have 3 welts from playing sting pong with Drew
by Hugh G. Wrecshin April 06, 2008
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StingPong is a game like ping-pong except where if you lose a point, you have to turn around,lift your shirt and your opponent gets to take a shot at your back. Girls can nominate a guy to take the stings for them.
Trent: Woohoo!! I won stingpong!! Turn around.
Jack: Damn *turns around* OWW!!
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A variant of ping-pong in which each timea player scores a point the other player pulls his shirt over his head and the other throws the ball at his stomach.
"Dude, look at the welts I got from Sting Pong."
by StillYoung August 21, 2008
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