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When you wake up from a nap, you're still kinda tired... Your pals have warned you that this isn't a good idea. Your GF/BF is crying saying 'Baby please don't do this!!'. Your mum is on the phone screaming 'We love you! You don't need to prove yourself!'.

All you have to gain are significant 'LAD' points. You have your family home, entire bank balance and your dignity on the line.

You know it's stupid, it doesn't even make sense. But... are you fucking silly bro?

'are you silly bro? I'm still gonna send it'
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by PowerPlop2876 May 25, 2018
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Something you say before doing something stupid. Similar to yelling Leroy Jenkins or going for broke
Bill: I'm gonna jump my f-150

Joe: that sounds like a bad idea

Bill : are ya silly? I'm still gonna send it!
by Nate the G August 20, 2017
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