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A weblog whose author posts articles relevant to interests of tweens and teens relating to social networking websites. Articles mainly pertaining to e-drama, often appearing on the website without giving research due diligence.

StickyDrama is managed by Christopher Stone and Anthony Vanity, each of whom are near or over the age of thirty. The weblog is based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA; headquartered in the Rowan Lofts, according to the website.

Prior to managing StickyDrama's daily operations, Anthony Vanity supported a fledgling singing career.
Tween boy: Did you see that article on John Hock?

Tween girl: OMG He got StickyDrama'd!
by ImSoAnonLulz November 24, 2009
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A blog filled with news and e-beef about 'e-famous' people. Most of the people on it are on stickam and/or myspace. It also has a pretty good noodz section and hilarious posts.
J: Did you see Audrey Kitching's noodz on stickydrama?

A: Did you read that new post on John Hock?
by SYANIDE, April 25, 2008
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I site run by a pedophile who enjoys exploiting the insecurities of teens and even children, slut shaming and being a disgusting misogynist. After he was outed by Gawker he decided to make a tumblr and shut down the original site. Well there's Stone and some other loser who run this shit and they also promote child porn that has been hacked from computers. They make their money by capitalizing off cyberbullying. Despicable.
Stone: I was bullied during childhood so I am going to spend all my adult years harassing children's and looking at hairless prepubescent pussy. StickyDrama is the only thing I ever "accomplished" in life. I am a pathetic excuse for a person so I bully teenagers and even children and it gives me joy because I am a sick pedophilic fuck who deserves to have his dick cut off.
by Spirit of the earth November 20, 2012
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A blog filled with e-beef. It shows the noodz of some 'e-famous' people. Has gossip and it is pretty hilarious. It's a overall pretty rad website.
L: Did you see the new post about Matthew Lush on ?
R: No, I haven't checked it out in weeks.
by SALLYSUICIDE March 07, 2008
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