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A StinkyBrownEyedPedro is a mixture of anal and siemen juice produced by faggots after intercourse without removal and the over exposure of the back door exit 4 extended periods of time. Also known as a purple ass gerbil, or an Asscamper.
There once was an ass gerbil that loved to stick his little fuzzy monkey finger in everyone's ass waffle so much that the little gay asscampers limp anal cave driller got stuck.turned blue, fell off and the dumb faget ended up with a stanky blue cuntwaffle permanently. And so hense the saying "Silly fucking faggot dicks are for chicks, and StickyBrownEyedPedro's are grotesque, so a cuntwaffle is what you gets!"
by Sycowordkiller February 09, 2017
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