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an addicting game played at a bar. Players earn points by "tagging" random people. Once tagged, they become a Sticky Friend and the tagger receives 1 point. Friends cannot be retagged by the same player. Tagging is accomplished by applying then removing any type of sticky device: tape, gum, etc. Typically, the losing team or player will buy shots for the winner(s) once the game has been concluded. Except when playing "shooters" - see below. The game is finished when the bar tab has been paid and/or last call.


Poacher - allowing a friend to be tagged more than once by separate players.

Passenger - allowing a timid player to earn points by simply tagging a friend and not removing the tag. Great for players with boobs.
Shooters - each point is worth one shot at the bar. In heads up play, the tagger chooses the shot and the other player buys. In multi-player formats, other shot-buying methods can be used.

Can be played in teams, in scramble format, alternating shot or any other variation you can think of.
Dude, Jenny just left a passenger on that old cougar. Look at the HUGE tag! She's kickin' my ass at Sticky Friends! I didn't bring enough dough to buy her whole team a shot. Can you cover me?
by Pimp N distress May 28, 2010
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