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Also known as the "Dirty Chester" or the "Chester Arthur".
The act of giving anal, then faking an orgasm onto a persons back, and instead spitting on it. When they turn their head to look, give them a harsh donky punch to the head (repeat if needed), knocking them out. Then cum on their face and shave your pubic region (and or asshair/backhair) and spread it over the cum evenly. Stick a pillow to the side of their head and lay them pillow side down on the ground. The next morning they will wake up to a suprise(their face will be stuck to the pillow and full of pubic hairs and dried semen), also known as the Sticky Chester.
Shelley was a real hobag last night, so I had no choice but to give her the Sticky Chester. She was PISSED!
by Sra. Andruecci December 21, 2006
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