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A highly specific dictionary catered to words revolving around the "stick language", arranged to parallel marijuana terminology by using forst-based,wood-related terms.

There are currently several words found within the continuously growing sticktionary. For example a marijuana cigarette is a "stick", and smaller one is a "twig". Additionally, sticks and twings come from trees, which is a large accumulation of the wondeful substance.

Furethermore, since a "cord" is 128 cubic feet of wood stacked tightly, 4' high by 4' wide by 8' long (4X4X8), and a "rick" or "rack" is the amount of firewood stacked 4' by 8' by one row of the length of the stick, these terms can be applied to parallel an Ounce(Oz) and half Ounce(1/2 OZ) of weed.

Clearly, a lumberjack cuts trees, chops the wood and bundles it in chords or ricks; hence the lumberjack is in essence the stick drugdealer.

Once a chord, rick or rack is obtained from the lumberjack, a fire is created and the sticks are burned. Occasionally, a "forest-fire" is created when multiple sticks are buring within a close vicinity. Often the people who handle or burn the sticks are known as loggers.
The following conversation is based on words coming from the sticktionary.

"Hey Mike, should we burn a stick before going to the party"?

"Sure, let me call the lumberjack, see if he can chop down some trees and stack us a chord, then we'll be set for a few days"

"Wonderful. We could even start a forest-fire of sorts at the party since their will be lots of loggers there."

"Great! Let the sticking begin!"
by CrazyC420 October 06, 2006
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