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Frequent sending of unwanted and unencouraged nude photographs or photos of bodyparts via mobile phone message.
The cause of this condition is unknown but it is aggressive and moves fast.
girl meets boy, gets his number.
2 hours later

girl sends photo of her cleavage with the words "tell me to stop anytime.." He is busy and doesn't see message.
10 minutes later
Boy checks phone and has 15 photo messages , the last photo is the girl naked and spread legged in front of the mirror. Boy also has 10 hysterical, abusive and apologetic text messages between photos and 3 new voicemail.
Boy saves photos then gets restraining order on crazy bitch though he wants to fist her.

girl is serious offender of stextual harrassment and is now an internet sensation.
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by rapunzabel September 10, 2016
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