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As the bass player of the very well known band, Lumberjacks, Steven Brentnall is an undergrad who currently attends College of the Canyons and is engaged to his girlfriend, Suzanne Padi. His hobbies include writing his own music, being in 2 other bands (birthdays and Skeeter) and owning the towns largest afro. Born in Mission Hills, CA, Steven now lives in the Los Angeles suburb, Santa Clarita, CA. His favorite snack is Cheese-itz and he has one older brother named Robert and a little sister, Nora. This talented musician has played in several venues all over southern California and there is no telling where his career will lead him. Although he is a sensitive man, Steven is a true born Bad Ass who doesn't put up with bullshit, which explains his deep rooted punk rock heritage.
Bob Dylan, Adam Sandler, Sam Bradford, Steven Brentnall
by annonymous13 February 19, 2011
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