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The Steve law refers to the by-laws implemented upon commencing a relationship with the opposite or same sex. The law states:

Section 1.1:
Being a dick to a partner actually makes them want you that much more.

Section 1.2:
Ignoring a partner will result in them calling/communicating more often for fear of loss.

**Caution: Implementation of the aforementioned articles can lead to loss of the partner if abused or used to frequently. For example, you want to ignore the partner just enough so they think you're busy and cool, but not too much to make them think you're uninterested.
Steve: Hey I'm Steve!
Random Girl: Hey, maybe you should call me tonight?
*Use of the Steve Law*
Steve: naw, I'm busy, but next week I can.

Melissa: Omg girlfriends! Lemme tell you about this guy, Steve, he's soooo cool but I havn't talked to him in like forever!
Victoria: shut the front door! Go call him girl! You don't want that piece of meat getting away!
by Maverick03 March 09, 2009
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