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As you're making out with your girlfriend/buss down/ setup (standing), stop and get her to start talking about some random bullshit you don't care about. While she is midsentence give her the Stone Cold Stunner, knocking her out completely. Then do your thang. You'll have approximately 45 minutes so act quickly.

Side Note: If the Stunner doesn't knock her out on the first try, you may wanna try the sleeper hold or even The People's Elbow. Shoutout to 1990s WWF.
Example 1

Male 1: So how'd it go last night?
Male 2: All she wanted to do was makeout. So I got her in a conversation about her ex-boyfriend and Steubenville Stunnered her ass!

Example 2

Male 1: Bro, we ran Polar Express on her!
Male 2: How'd you manage that!?! She hasn't put out since Bob Barker hosted The Price Is Right!
Male 1: Performed a grade A Steubenville Stunner.
Male 2: Nice.
by SGT. NAFTA December 05, 2010
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