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A small private four year college in Sterling kansas. The school is extremely run down and poorly maintained by its one or two maintenance personell even though the school has a very high tuition. The students never get to see their tuition money go back into the school whatsoever. The school also likes to fine its students for any possible infraction that they could possibly find. The school is not only a college but a babysitting service as well, its a very rare babysitting service though because they aren't babysitting children but 18+ college students. Students have very strict visitation hours with students of the opposite sex and when with the opposite sex during said visiting hours must have a shoe in the door. if no shoe is present a 200 hundred dollar fine and community service will be issued. So if you are a future college student looking at their options do not go sterling you will be miserable and out 25 grand.
bob: hey man do you think i should come to sterling next semester?
tim: Hell no man, sterling college is a rip off. Don't let those swindlers get ahold of your hard earned money. go to a REAL college
by sterlingsucksdonkeyballs March 07, 2011
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