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A mildly alcoholic drink first formulated in southern Boston by an inexperienced bartender. Ingredients include Captain Morgan's rum, %2 milk and room-temperature Sprite. The Stephen Palgrave was named for an outspoken martyr known for bouts of public rage, believed to have began the Boston Massacre; often described as a man whose power that had greatly eroded.
Barkeep! Make haste with a Stephen Palgrave, and ensure that the milk has been aptly chilled!
by ExaltedAlez February 08, 2004
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The main protagonist in the early 1880's novel, "A Heart Among the Heartless," Stephen Palgrave was a poverty stricken british man during hard times who had to choose between having his heart cut out by a corrupt doctor, or forfeit the life of a foster child he had never seen before. The story, being mostly accurate in historical nature, takes a rather fictional turn for the worse when Satan, the Devil himself, sends demons to murder the evil doctor. The story ends gruesomely with Stephen adopting the mystery child, but losing his heart.
"It's your choice, Stepehn Palgrave, I need a heart, I need a heart among the heartless."

Dr. Heiss, "A Heart Among the Heartless."
by MontBlanc February 11, 2004
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