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The only man on planet earth who contains the power to drag a teacher down the hall by her hair and is able to do so by claiming he is, "Retarded". This man absolutely loves the smell of farts, especially his own. He is known to trap his rancid farts in his XXL shirt and sniff it all up. (Not one bit of that gas goes to waste) He is also known to fart and blame it on other people. His way of blaming it on other people is the classic, "*point* It was him" method. Many have caught on to his antics and know that he is lying but still respect him for who he is.
Situation 1:
Teacher: Stephen who are you pointing at?
Stephen: He farted it wasn't me I swear.
Teacher: Okay, please sit down.

Situation 2:
Student 1: Hey did you hear about that kid Stephen Kelly?
Student 2: Yeah I did, he is awesome I am a fan!
Student 1: I am a bigger fan I follow him on Twitter #StephenKellyFan
by iHateWindstream May 09, 2018
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