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Steph cruisers are another form of saying, wow don't get on that piece of wood with four wheels. You are a hazard to all and to all a good nide. You don't want to be seen skating with a Steph Cruiser in haddonfield, or anywhere on that note. Steph cruisers will usually trip,fall,plummit,crash,burn,bury,and fall into a deep trance during a skate session, or just crusing down the sidewalk. Many people have witnessed people like this in their lifetime, but few have seen the actual steph cruiser in action. It's not a rare sight, but it never gets old. Steph cruisers tend to fall on cracks in sidwalks, speedbumps, acorns, appricots, pinecones, invisible force fields, the wind blowing against her, and most of all when Bill walks and shakes the ground. BEWARE OF THE STEPH. Results may vary
Did you see that Steph Cruiser, she crashed harder than maxim off the grand canyon.
by taylor A k January 10, 2008
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