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Used to describe the level of anger a Stepfather may have against a child or woman. The rawest form of anger, untamed and furious. When one is overcome with Stepdad Madness, they may exhibit a skin color similar to the blood that was about to be shed, visible veins in the face and may also be prone to using a bottle of alcohol or belt as a weapon. They may also yell in profane absurdities, say that it is someone elses fault, and destroy property as well as people, both physically and emotionally. See also: Beltmaster, Wifemaster, King of the Castle.
Kid #1: Man, did you see those bruises on Jim and his Mom?

Kid #2: Yeah dude, his Stepdad was MAD!

"Don't bother him, or he will enrage and become Stepdad Mad!"

"The door opened. Little Billy heard the cling clang of a belt being unthreaded from blue Wranglers. He was about to become another victim to his brutal beltmaster. The seething bloodshot eyes came closer. Billy pissed his pants. It was Stepdad Mad. It was too late."

"With whiskey on his breath, John belted his stepson across his bare ass. A bruised woman was crying in the corner of the kitchen. John warned "Woman, you will be next if you don't shut the fuck up and make me a steak!". He was Stepdad Mad."
by Shonny Illuminati March 12, 2009
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