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Step-tards are fucking idiots who enjoy step-fatansy on porn/hentai and even in real life, these retarders think fucking a stranger that has nothing but literally a piece of paper to be related is "exiting". The worst part, they say shit like "the best thing of fucking your sister, is not being related by blood" (as if friends who consider themselves as friend were different). They self contradicted, they act Edgy, and the worst part, the brag about an social illusion as it was the pinnacle of all sins, when it reality step-tards are only overestimate a word.
That step-tard think fucking a step-sister is incest. If that was the case, I would've done incest when I fucked my gf because 2 moths ago I considered a sister.
by Mr. Memo Herdez January 16, 2019
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