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Fag-rimjobs doesn't has to do with homosexuality necessarily. It's a man who enjoys his asshole to be licked by a girl or a guy.
This guy got a fag-rimjob from his girlfriend.
This guy was having a blowjob, then her chick fag-rimjobs him.
by Mr. Memo Herdez November 7, 2018
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Is when an manly Alpha non-fag licks a girl's asshole. Unlike "rimjob" that now became fag-rimjobs, the Manly! do it and doesn't his chickto do disgusting things.
This guys make he cum with just licking her asshole, she got a correct-rimjob. He's a chad!!
by Mr. Memo Herdez November 7, 2018
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Is a girl who is a complete slut, but only has anal sex to keep her "first time" untasted for any reason.
Andrea has had more dicks inside her asshole than shit has came. Still, she hasn't be deflowered. That's girl is a moral whore
by Mr. Memo Herdez November 7, 2018
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Step-tards are fucking idiots who enjoy step-fatansy on porn/hentai and even in real life, these retarders think fucking a stranger that has nothing but literally a piece of paper to be related is "exiting". The worst part, they say shit like "the best thing of fucking your sister, is not being related by blood" (as if friends who consider themselves as friend were different). They self contradicted, they act Edgy, and the worst part, the brag about an social illusion as it was the pinnacle of all sins, when it reality step-tards are only overestimate a word.
That step-tard think fucking a step-sister is incest. If that was the case, I would've done incest when I fucked my gf because 2 moths ago I considered a sister.
by Mr. Memo Herdez January 16, 2019
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From the literary Russian translation of Queer. This is a guy from 15 to 25 who look effeminate, has long hair and dresses like a tomboy. This might confused with a Trap, but the main differences are: They're straight, never question their gender(Attack Heli), aren't cowards, they act mainly despite their look, are active, and all of them tend to have Alpha Charisma.
- "Those girls are kissing each other! "
Those aren't girls, one of them is a stranny and his GF.
by Mr. Memo Herdez April 12, 2019
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These pieces of shit you'll easily identify when the curse, but they censor their swearing. These people needs to censor things instead of simply remove the bad words, just because their lack of creativity.
Average Youtube Comment: "Shut the f*** up, you piece of Sh*t".
This fucking idiot is a uncreative-tard, needs to censor instead of coming with something a little bit more creative.
by Mr. Memo Herdez March 15, 2019
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