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The most prestigious yet mischievous drawler of stencil wankers on the ranges of top notch certified dimes to hood hood rat hoochie mommas. Targeting a lot of {pawgs} some hogs and a whole bunch of in-between.
Homie 1:
"Aye you seen that StencilWanker piece where that chick was bending over like she was lookin' back at it with that big ol' Dick drawn all up her her booty???"
Homie 2:
"Na WTF tho I love me some big booty hoes!?!?!"
Homie 1:

Bro 1:
"HAHAHA you see StencilWankers latest photo on IG???"
Bro 2:
"MAAAAN thats a chop! you know I been following him since day one!!!"
by J-Dub from 707 May 22, 2016
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