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(Stoked + Electrified = Stelectrifoked) A combination of two words meaning excited. Many people use the word 'stoked' to represent their excitement, and not many use 'electrified'. As they mean the same, put together, they make UBER excited or SUPER excited. People use this word when they are talking about a special event that means a lot to them, for example.

Before you ever use the word, say it out loud. It's just a precaution. If you sound like a moron saying it, you've mastered the art of saying 'stelectrifoked.'

WARNING: I am not responsible for people calling you an idiot for using the word.
Shahaela: "Dude. I am SO stelectrifoked for Breanna's birthday. Everybody's gonna be there!"
Lauren: "You're an idiot."
Shahaela: "I was warned that somebody would call me that..."
by Mad G-Unit February 26, 2010
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