A cross between a stalker and a creeper. A person who closely monitors a persons actions on both social networking sites such as facebook & my space and throuh phone calls the 'steeper' wants to know everything possible about the person in question. The 'Steeper' will often be short of friends and become consumed by the person they are 'steeping'
Characteristics of a 'Steeper'
- Constant Wallposts despite no reply
- Continuous phone calls until a person answers there phone, often reaching double figures
- Contacting people they don't know and acting like their friend (often friends of the person they are steeping)
- Always talking about how many friends they have to delfect the attention away from lonely stalkeristic ways.
- Denial a 'Steeper' will never admit to being one, I mean lets face it who would they're off their heads!
by daveyboy123 August 25, 2009
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Someone who ALWAYS looks sweaty and it seeps through their shirt. No matter what the weather or the clothes, it’s more than pit stains. It’s under the tats , it’s the tramp stamp , it’s EVERYWHERE
Homeboy is such a steeper he has to change his shirt at morning break AND at lunchtime
by Coleyrae March 22, 2020
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N. A creepy person who takes it upon themselves to stalk those they have a creepy obsession with.

In math terms, creeper+stalker = steeper
"Yo, that guy's been following us for 5 blocks now."

"Yeah, I'm starting to get a real steeper vibe off him"
by ninjasquirrel July 20, 2009
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