Basically a cylindrical piece of steel. Steel Rod's have many wonderful uses. Can be used as simple set prop, whereby you place it leaning against a wall, or can be used more appropriately as a form of beaver crowd control, whereby constant hard hits to the head of a pananian marsh beaver (beaverus ignoramus) will result in the suppression of all unwanted acts by the creature. Excess striking will result in brain damage or possible death.
"Hey, place that steel rod against that wall, we need to make this set look authentic!"

"A beaver was in my garden last night, so i used a steel rod on its head. Now its dead."
by D.E March 20, 2004
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when you are highly intoxicated, but not too intoxicated, and you can fuck for countless hours without getting off, meanwhile your girl gets off 3 times and thinks you're a god.
last night i had 14 beers, it was awesome i fucked jenna later that night and the steel rod syndrome kicked in, we went for 7 hours!
by chris porterson April 14, 2008
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"Rod Steel" is the international phenom that has stolen the hearts of millions...mostly russian women from He is trademarked by his pseudo-accessories like glasses, beards and cigarettes.
My hobbies include yachting, polo, international travel and getting it on, just like Rod Steel.
by RS April 24, 2005
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