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The Steamy Vincent is a sexual act similar to the Hot Carl. However, the Steamy Vincent is only performed by members of the arts community, namely painters. The Steamy Vincent is initiated by a willing female disrobing and laying on her back. A male, with artistic painting talent, next provides her with a Ziploc brand sandwich bag. The female then opens the bag and inserts it inside her mouth. The open side of the bag is extended outside the mouth and folded over the lips to create a pocket. The male then proceeds to defecate into the open bag housed within her mouth. A soft or liquid feces is preferred.

After completing release, the male selects his color palette and adds the pigments of choice to the bag. The male then zips the bag and leaves it housed in her mouth. The female then enjoys the steamy warmth until the male tells her its time to mix. At mix time, the female then lips and gently chews the bag to mix the feces and coloring.

Once mixed, the male reopens the bag, removes it and then, with fingers, a palette knife or with paint brush, creates a bold colored shit masterpiece by painting on the female's naked body canvas from head to toe. When done, the work is allowed to dry and is later put on display for others to enjoy and is often accompanied by a wine and cheese.

The Steamy Vincent was created in honor of Vincent Willem van Gogh, a post-Impressionist painter of Dutch origin whose work is noted for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color.
Larry picked up his girlfriend Mona after he had an inspiring class at art school that day. After discussing the need for urgent creative release with Mona, she willingly and graciously offered her body up as the canvass for Larry to create a magnificent Steamy Vincent. Later in the evening, Larry hosted a showing of close friends and served wine and cheese.
by Tugg N. Harder April 26, 2014
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