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The females's answer to the houdini:
In a steamy shower, the man holds onto the shower rail (or top of the glass panel depending on the shower) and bends forward. The woman wanks the man from behind.
The woman, unbeknownst to the man, then swaps places with a secondary man and slips out of the shower, under the cover of steam.
Man #2 proceeds to wank off man #1 and himself.
The woman then wipes away the steam from the glass (or pulls back the curtain) to reveal herself.

Man #2 then fucks man #1 in the ass, or if you will, "rails" him.
I had such a good birthday surprise last night, my girlfriend got me a "steamrail" from that top knot guy from the bar.
by Mulvadolores July 16, 2016
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