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Generally, one who seeks to emote or personify a member of the Steampunk Subculture. Although most real steampunks don't claim it as a lifestyle and more of a hobby or interest, a 'Trainwreck" as it were is simply a poser who will copy or rip off one of the more original members of this genre.

A trainwreck will most likely be an outsider, nerd, outcast, undesirable who for lack of any other originality will slowly research the hell out of steampunk and try to create a personality founded in Steampunk. Generally, an Airship captain, pirate, scientist, explorer or otherwise. Steampunk is NOT cosplay, and therefore more of an interest in the literary subculture than a way of living your life out through fantasy.

Although Steampunk is founded in Victorian clothing, a trainwreck will take aesthetics too far; claiming it as a lifestyle will most likely be an easy way to spot a poser. In many cases, said Trainwreck will try to create social groups with friends who would generally not be seen in public with them. Posers will secretly harbor jealousy, and envy of the more original members of this social group, often over compensating by becoming uber Steampunk, thus outing themselves as a nerd wanna be of the group.
OMFG, He thinks he's an Airship captain?! Jesus he's even instructing others in the finer points of being a Steampunk! Jesus, doesn't he know he's a Steampunk Trainwreck?
by Capt. Leguminous Caligari December 29, 2009
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