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A visibly puffy human fanny usually found firmly attached to the lower torso region on most female kinds sporting the undeniable appearance of a severely overworked and somewhat overheated dumpling type formation seeping rich moisture from its inflamed and swollen bulging physique. Recent studies have found that in some rare cases the female pleasure mounds super flaps (swollen lips) or ‘STEAMED DIMMY’, has even been known to have tripled in its original shape and size morphing to an impressive visual display consisting of bulky aftermarket mass stemming directly from the impure thoughts of the carriers developing sexual desires which then gradually results in a highly focused and dedicated, ferocious beat down of physical manipulation in one of the following forms;

a). a vigorous prolonged self infliction session


b). the mutual erotic infliction of a party/group involving two or more participants causing the guardian lips on either side of the fanny to become impressively enlarged by engulfing the vaginal hatch area creating a meaty formation which replicates the dominant safe housing similar to that of a large oceanic morsel/mollusk in order to prevent any foreign objects bearing the intentions of causing more destructive problems already sustained within the fragile damp and tender feminine compartment of privacy.
Elenor, is that a ‘Steamed Dimmy’ bulging from within the confined front compartment of your ‘Lorna Jane’ yoga pants? Or was Russel just glad to see you this morning?”
by Mista_Scribblez June 24, 2018
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