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Arose in Steamboat, Colorado due to the large number of young males and small number of young, nubile women. It desciribes the women that are earthy, hippie types that prefer not to shave or trim their pussy hair (and often their legs or underarms). If their hair sticks out from the sides of their panties, it is like a clown hat like where the clown has big hair sticking out the sides of his hat and all around his head.
Tom: Man, how was that chick last night?
Randy: She was a Steamboat Clown Hat.

Tom: That bad, huh?
Randy: Yeah, she hadn't shaved that thing in months.
I was afraid of what was in there, but I didn't turn it down.
Tom: Glad, it was you and not me!
by jmo12345 February 12, 2013
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