The worst of the worst. Steam users will relentlessly downvote your review into oblivion if you so much as criticize their favorite game, but will upvote inside jokes and other garbage "reviews" that don't help people out at all. If you base your purchases off Steam reviews you may just be a retard.

If you decide not to recommend a game, you must provide a 10 paragraph essay about why you don't like the game and you have to still kiss the game's ass the whole time and downplay any frustrations you might have, lest you succumb to the wrath of the Steam hordes. This strict mob mentality is not applied if you decide to recommend a game, then you can write damn near anything and get upvotes.
Typical steam review recommendation system:

207 out of 215 people found this review helpful:

I made a cowboy go into space and shoot the moon 10/10! RECOMMENDED!

Meanwhile your review:

2 out of 100 people found this review helpful:

This game was ok, but had some flaws and here's why.... reviewer talks at length why he didn't like the game in a fair manner
by Prometheus McSpanky May 13, 2017
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