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A beefsteak which has been skillfully fashioned into the shape of a snake. By carefully carving a steak into one long strip, it takes on the likeness of a snake. A stick with a long thread is often attached to the head of the steak-snake so that one can create the illusion that the snake is alive. A steak-snake is suitable as a gift and is often presented to children on Christmas morning after which it quickly becomes their favourite plaything. Children can often be seen playing with steak-snakes well into March/April once the aroma of the steak has become intolerably pungent. It is not out of the ordinary for steak-snakes to be further decorated with a tongue and eyes crafted respectively from carrot and black peppercorns.
David - "I don't know what to get Johnny for Christmas. Do you have any ideas?"

Mark - "Yeah man, make him a steak-snake, kids love steak-snakes."

"I've had it with these motherfucking steaks on this motherfucking plane!"
by I've heard of one. June 06, 2018
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