Stay armed for your protection or risk being destroyed.
A man was walking around with a sword, stabbing multiple people. If one of them were strapped they wouldn't have been clapped. "Stay strapped or get clapped"!
by tommy2scoops April 5, 2020
A saying which means to carry a weapon/gun (being strapped) on one's person at all times or suffer the possibility of being a victim if SHTF (being shot/stabbed/killed = getting clapped)

Dont let yourself be a victim, stay strapped and you won't get clapped!
Bro 1: Yo did you see the news, some batshit crazy guy shot up a mall!

Bro 2: Yeah man I saw it, that's why I always "Stay strapped or get clapped", worlds crazy bro.
by Shores386 January 15, 2021