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Abbreviation for "My Face When". Started as a way to respond to posts that a poster usually disagrees with in some manner, and is typically done to mock or troll said poster.

MFW utilize reaction images and are almost always green text
ANON: What do you guys think about my new Mac?

ANON 2: >MFW anon is now going to die of AIDS and cancer
by Shores386 February 28, 2011

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A very country way of saying to quit, give it up, or stop trying. Originates from pack it up, which is what you would tell some one when youre done doing something and ready to move onto the next thing.
Watching your friend fail at spitting game to a girl

Bro: "Time to pack it in Steve, my old lady wants to go so this train is leaving with or without you.
by Shores386 May 03, 2017

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A saying which means to carry a weapon/gun (being strapped) on one's person at all times or suffer the possibility of being a victim if SHTF (being shot/stabbed/killed = getting clapped)

Dont let yourself be a victim, stay strapped and you won't get clapped!
Bro 1: Yo did you see the news, some batshit crazy guy shot up a mall!

Bro 2: Yeah man I saw it, that's why I always "Stay strapped or get clapped", worlds crazy bro.
by Shores386 January 15, 2021

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