Stay vigilant and apologetically yourself.
Don't worry about the haters, stay puff.
by mjeeezy September 25, 2019
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In laments terms, this is the act of having a partner (preferably male or a trans-gender) defecate on your penis and then using the feces as “lube” to jack off in front of fast food commercials.
This act can also be performed without a partner, it is preferred in some cases. Usually, the person performing the “stay puff nadeau” (or SPN) will smell his fingers to rate his own scent, the worse the feces smells, the more aroused the individual becomes (diet usually consists of deep fried buns for potency and substance of the feces).

This disgusting act was coined due to the small penis swelling up from all the fecal bacteria being introduced to the member, hence “stay puff”. The second part of the word, “Nadeau” refers to the originator of this sexually grotesque act.
Person #1: Damn, I ran out of lube, now what am I going to do to get my rocks off?
Person #2: Geez, not sure, why don’t you just go to the store and pick some up?
Person #1: Nah, I am too fat and lazy, I think I will just do a stay puff nadeau, I want to spice things up.
Person #2: You are gross Jason! Get the f*ck out of here!
by Down to be Brown May 21, 2009
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n. For a male to chunk marshmallows into a woman's anal cavity, then proceed to have anal intercourse with her until ejaculation. The fecal-laced marshmallow mixed with semen will pour out. The male then paints her face with it.
I pulled the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man Maneuver on her and she looked like a brownish snowman! Ha! Ha!
by Stan Winston January 21, 2006
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