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The act of re-reading a status update feeling the need comment multiple times or show all your friends the update/comment at the most inopportune time possible to garner attention. This includes self-liking the status and/or any of your own comments.

Statusbating another person (sometimes referred to as maserbating. "Mutual Statusbating") results in multiple comments to the same update in a short interval.
Friend A:"Check out my buddies update. Tell me what you think"

update: Too lazy for a Note so here's the summary - Double Dare is great, Lucas is a terrible movie, commenting on snow is beyond lame, super soakers were a paradigm shift & Goldberg was the best pro wrestler ever.

Friend B: "I think you need to stop statusbating in public. It's just sad."
by cege7480 February 04, 2011
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