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The act of two or more people taking over someone's status on Facebook or Myspace to hold a conversation completly unrelevent to anything the status's owner was talking about.

This is particuarly funny and random because everytime one of you replies, on Facebook, the little red alert flag appears on their screen. This will get VERY annoying and hopefully the victim will become angered and it's very funny.

In rare circumstances, too many posts back and forth on their status may cause their computer to become slow or even freeze. This results in extra LOL points .
Status Commandeering in action:

Tessa's Facebook Status : "Going out with my girls tonight to CiCi's for some pizza and fun"

Matt : Hey matt, wasn't that cake we had after dinner tonight absolutely delicious?

Justin : Ya, it was pretty good. Although i have to admit, the ice cream was better.

Tessa: WTF?

Matt : Okay, both were good. But hey, we should go to Roanoke sometime to play airsoft.

Justin : I dont know man, Roanoke is pretty far away.

Tessa: WTF!?

Matt : Ya, but it'd totally be worth it!

Justin : Hmm, okay. I'll think about it.

Matt : Okay, well how's the weather?


Justin: The weather? Oh you know. Its mildly humid. We've been getting a lot of rain lately.

*and so on*
by Drunagel24 June 07, 2009
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