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1. A place where a man stores his mistress hidden away from his wife (if he has the means).

Can also be:

2. I place where you hide your assets, your thousands of boxes of Yaoi, all of the medicine you never took when you were supposed to, and all of the guns and motorcycles you call your "children."
def 1.

Charlie: Sir Acktinson, since we are away from the other guests, how are you and Mrs. Bianca?

Dick: Oh my! She is the light to my dark, frigid soul. She was delighted to see the stash pad I made up for her.

Charlie: *Laughs* You've made it clear that she wasn't to take pictures of it? You know how young women are.

Dick: *Sigh* She is a discreet young lady. She's smart enough to know the consequences of displaying her gifts to her "web followers," otherwise I would have stashed someone else.


def 2.

Mom: Hey rich bitch. Gimme $20k for me and your dad's vacation. We wanna go to Martha's Vineyard.
Johannes: Sorry mom. I'm broke at school, remember? I had to pay for it myself.
Mom: Oh. Srry then. I thought you had an engineering job?
Johannes: I do! It doesn't pay as much as you'd think.
Mom: Lol srry boo. Good luck wit school. Loves

Johannes: 20k for Martha's? Are they nuts?

*secretly has 2 million in his stash pad from owning his secret tech company*
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by collegeh00k3r August 27, 2016
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