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Similar to basic bitch but with daddy issues that have caused them to let go of any sense of self worth leading to typical outcries for attention such as posting slutty photos on Instagram, drinking too much and secretly having gang bang fantasies. Stash chicks are ideal for having a good time with out any form of commitment. They can be found on tinder, in Starbucks holding pumpkin spice lattes or in the Michael Kors section of Macy's.
"So I've been thinking of proposing to Haley."

"Bro, please don't she's a stash chick."
by drleomarvin January 08, 2017
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Stash chicks is any female or females you have placed in a designated hiding or stash spot for later use. Simular to stashing any other item.
Hey bob would you like to go hike the Rio Grande with me? Sure, If you'd be interested in an overnighter I left some stash chicks along the trail . Stash chicks! Hell yea lets go!
by Koepper May 02, 2017
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