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An individual who takes part in some sort of artistic endeavor and according to themselves lives an "artists life" but in reality has no discipline to develop their "art" any further than what it is currently and instead invents ways to manipulate their friends, coworkers, and family in order to maintain their despicably hedonistic lifestyle at the expense, chagrin, and demise of themselves, those around him or her, and society at large. And what's worse is that they are able to attract people's attention by any number of sense impressions and reduce almost any experience to empty hedonism while keeping this emptiness veiled by pushing yet another form of pleasurable experience.

They are "starving" because they crave the same things they push on to others, but their cravings prevent them from doing anything truly valuable for themselves or others. They are "bullshit artists" because they offer little that is truly valuable but only maintains their own hedonism and emptiness and encourages the same in others.
The craft beer industry is full of starving bullshit artists. People who have no true talent and offer nothing intrinsically valuable.
by donotsufferkundabuffer February 06, 2018
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