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Starr Manning is a teen on the best Soap Opera ever called One Life To live on ABC & SoapNet. She has been played by Kristen Alderson since she was like 6. Her dad is a rapist Todd Manning and raped her boyfriend, Cole Thornhart's mom in college. Her mom is the mega slutty Blair Cramer. Cramer women NEVER keep their legs closed. Starr & Cole werent allowed to see each other and then she go pregnant. Starr decided to give the baby to her teacher Marcie only Cole wanted to raise the baby. So Cole dumped her. Then when Starr gave birth her crazy bitch cousin Jessica stole the baby and switched her with her dead baby. For months Starr & Cole thought their baby was dead. Cole started doing drugs and Starr tried to fuck her teacher. Starr & Cole soon found out that their baby was alive after all but Starr still decided to give the baby to Marcie. Starr & Cole were very sad but they started making out so it looks like they are getting back together. Spoilers say that Cole will get arrested for having drugs, even though he wasnt susing, and go to jail. He will then propose to Starr after she tells him that Marcie has given them their baby back so that they can raise her together. Starr & Cole's daughter's name is Hope btw.
Starr Manning: I Love you Cole

Cole Thornhart: Even though your dad totally raped my mom in college I still wanna be with you only I dont have a condom

Starr Manning: that's ok you can't get pregnant your first time..O SHIT YOU CAN!
by Jimmy the Sheik June 14, 2009
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Starr Manning is a pregnant girl on ABC's OLTL. She is uber weird but her dad is uber weirder. But don't worry Viki is always on her way to make things better. yummo!!
Conversation btwn. Starr Manning & Cole Thornhart

Cole: Starr, I love you
Starr: I'm pregant
Cole: I still love you
Starr: Um.... I'm pregnant with sextuplets
Cole: Can we make a little baby army and then run away to Atlantic City?
Starr: You're so funny, can you get me a beer?
by Esteban Allaire May 26, 2008
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