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At the moment, not yet used as a full "Common" word, however, still contains a definition.
Starocon - Star'O'con ~ Again, not in any language but can be accepted in the Latin alphabet.
Starocon, is a type of story/manga Genre. A lot like Shotacon, however with a twist. This Genre allows the basic form definition of what Shotacon contains just without sexual activity.

To some whom may not entirely like Shotacon because of its huge amount of sexual activity towards underage and commonly known as prepubescent "Children" in which are apart of, Anime, Manga, Yaoi.

Starocon employs the affect of Shotacon without the "Shota" in it if you will.

In Starocon, there is little to none sexual activity but still contains the aspects of young age to underage characters within it.

Although to many, kissing or simple Ecci, it should be known that those acts (If taken lightly) or still not going against the rules of, Starocon.

Whenever sexuality or anything above the acceptable range, may be called Shotacon instead.

Starocon is mainly for Romance stories. As again, to many, Romance doesn't always mean "Sex" but rather "Love".

And that is what Starocon is.
"A" - Hey did you see that one Manga with those kids and stuff? they were kissing and stuff dude!..
"B" - Oh, I know which one you mean.
"A" - I bet that's one of those 'Shotacon' stuff dude..
"B" Naaahh, that's not Shotacon bro, that's Starocon. You know, actual romance instead of sexual stuff.
"A" - So they don't actually do anything sexual then?
"B" - Nope.
"A" - Huh, I might actually take another look then *Wink*
"B" - Just... Just don't do that... you weirdo.
by Kenji Kitsune March 10, 2016
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