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Two lovers whose destiny together was written in the stars long before they ever knew each other physically. Upon their meeting at 7:22 on the night of September 18, 2010 they could no longer deny the fact that what they felt for each other ran so deep it only happens once in a lifetime. Though many miles may seperate them, if they look up at the night sky to the stars and the moon, they know they can never really be apart from one another, for it is there where two lovers meet and two souls connect...Starmates until the end of time.
Jimmy and Susie will be Starmates forever.
by Hoops&Yoyo August 31, 2011
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A partner who when the soul dies and the earth crumbles will still be yours as long as the universe exists. Your connection is greater than anything worldly. The universe designed you in likeness to exist together.
My starmate will always be in my heart no matter our earthly circumstances.
by Lane ends December 06, 2016
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What you call someone who shares the exact same birthday as you but is not blood related like a twin. Same month, day, and year.
The other day I befriended someone and we happened to be starmates! What are the chances of meeting someone like that!
My favorite actor happens to be my starmate. I can't believe how much of a coincidence that is.
by naokidefines July 17, 2018
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