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Starlee's are an extremely rare species of homosapien, though it is highly disputed among experts that this stunning and unique being is not even from this world. This beautiful creature often worries more than they ought to but despite the fact is often optimistic, trusting that the Universe will see them through. Equipped with a dazzling grin often accompanied by smiling eyes, this being works hard and has admirable ethics and character. Very creative and spectacular in the artistic fields. Loyal to a fault, this creature is loved on some scale by every person they meet, as it is impossible to put "hate" and "Starlee" in the same sentence. Starlee's are capable of great things, they need only trust in themselves and listen to the whispers of their compassionate & loving hearts.
Person #1 : "In today's day and age it's so hard to find a respectable role model."

Person # 2 : "Really? What about a Starlee?"

Person # 1 : "That's right! They are so rare I had almost forgotten!"
by Ruka-Sempai June 27, 2010
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