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Sexual intercourse undertaken with the male partner standing up, and the female partner mounted on his penis with her arms round his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist, being lifted up and down by the male partner until mutual sexual satisfaction is achieved.

An expression originating in California in the mid 1980's, based on the muscular 'tough guy' image projected by Sylvester Stallone when playing the part of John Rambo in the 4 Rambo films between 1982 and 2008, although this technique was not in fact demonstarted in any films starring the actor.

It should be noted that this sexual position carried obvious risks if the male partner is unable to maintain hold of the female partner, which could lead to the medical condition known as Standing Snapcock. The female partner should therefore be instructed to link her hands and wrists behind the male partner's neck throughout the event as a failsafe should his strength be sapped or control lost for any reason.
"It must be great having Johnny back from his trip. What time did he get back?"

"Yes Mom, the kids and I missed him a lot - he arrived just after lunch."

"Did you all give him a great welcome home?"

"Yes, the kids were so excited with his presents and went outside to show their friends next door, and Johnny and I had a hasty Standup Stallone in our bathroom!"

"Oh honey, I remember your Dad and I trying that long ago when you and Linda were small. Your Dad fell over and I slipped off - it was so embarassing!"

"HEY MOM - too much information!!"
by Katie4eyes January 30, 2018
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