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The ability for a set of individuals to from an army, citizenship, nation, ethnic/racial group or basically any organized people and their potential to stand together and either fight or surive, sometimes one in the same

it cannot be resiliency nor strength alone for those have been shown or previously demonstrated and are almost considered only characteristics, whereas, a standox is what lies beneath a force before it has been exerted or more importantly, before it has been collected.

individuals who share the same thoughts as others but have no clue of the damage or impact they could make on the world if they would come together
1.)20 men who independently posess an immense amount of disgust and hatred towards terrorism, for if these men were to come together and form an anti-terrorist regime, they would be effective. herein lies a great standox for the world of anti-terrorism

2.)a group of children being bullied who equally feel fear, together, these children could stand and fight. here is an example of a standox for future delinquents or an established gang

3.)a more postivie example, a group of very intrinsic religous people of differing religious sects or demonimations who share the same thoughts, together, they could form another religion.
by World visionary 2010 March 17, 2010
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